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Rich and powerful marketing functions

A cross-border e-commerce ERP that understands marketing, the latest version 3.0 has been launched
Fast Shipping

A functional module for managing product information, which includes multiple functions such as product listing, editing, grouping, marking, and synchronizing orders

Marketing Tools

A series of marketing tools and services provided to merchants to help merchants increase sales and customer retention rates, increase store exposure and conversion rates

Order Management

One-stop order management, collect and manage multi-platform orders, support printing, apply for waybill number, etc.

Logistics Center

Functional modules for rich logistics service providers to conveniently and quickly manage logistics information, query logistics status and handle abnormal situations


Cloud warehouses have been distributed in major cities across the country, and you can choose a shipping agency to save labor costs and improve delivery timeliness


Combined goods, single goods, goods matching, sorting warehouse and other functional modules

Purchasing Management

Provides a series of procurement tools to help merchants quickly find and purchase goods, as well as manage and process purchase orders, and supports 1688, Pinduoduo and other procurement

Invoice Center

Provides a series of invoice management tools to help merchants quickly create and manage invoice information, as well as classify and group invoices

Report Management

Generate various reports and data analysis to help merchants better manage stores and products, grasp store operations and predict future trends

Collection Center

Used to obtain product information, including price, inventory, pictures, description, etc., which can be collected through API interfaces, crawlers, etc.

Claim Center

It is used to deal with duplicate products on the platform, avoiding the appearance of the same product in multiple stores, resulting in price wars and loss of sales

Distribution Center

Used to distribute the collected product information to various stores for display and sale on the platform

Automatic Top

Used to automatically rank products to the top, increasing exposure and sales

Discount Event

Used to formulate strategies for promotional activities, including full discounts, limited-time discounts, etc.

Evaluation Management

Used to manage product reviews, including review, reply, etc.

Product Diagnosis

Used to analyze products, provide sales suggestions and optimization plans

Dispute Management

Used to deal with disputes such as returns and exchanges, after-sales, etc.

Watermark Placement

Used to protect the copyright and intellectual property rights of product images

Shipping Template

Used to manage freight policies and freight calculation methods, including by weight, by number of pieces, etc.

Marketing Template

Provide a variety of marketing templates and styles to facilitate merchants to quickly formulate advertisements and promotional materials to increase product exposure and sales

Regional Pricing Template

According to different regions and channels, set different pricing strategies and templates to improve sales efficiency and profit margins

Size Chart

Manage product size specification information to facilitate users to choose and purchase the appropriate size

Automatically Invite People

According to user behavior and preferences, experts are automatically invited to participate in product promotion and sharing, increasing brand awareness and word-of-mouth

Order Management

For order processing, including order creation, payment, shipping, refunds, etc.

Centralized Delivery

Used to combine and package multiple orders to reduce logistics costs and freight

Scan Code Response

Used to scan order barcodes to process orders quickly

Logistics Tracking

Used to track logistics status in real time, including delivery progress, receipt status, etc.

Logistic Provider Management

Used to manage logistics provider information, including price, service, delivery range, etc.

Shipping Formula

It is used to calculate the freight, which can be calculated according to distance, weight, volume, etc.

Common Address

Used to manage commonly used addresses, convenient for ordering and delivery

Print Form Template

Used to print logistics documents, including courier orders, parcel lists, etc.

Drop off the package

Used for consignment delivery, including packaging, labeling, delivery, etc.

Cloud warehouse freight forwarding management

Used to manage cloud warehouse inventory and agent goods

Product Management

Used to manage product information, including inventory, price, description, etc.

Combined Goods

Used for combined product packages, promotional sales

Warehouse Management

Manage product storage and warehousing records, so that merchants can keep track of inventory status and delivery progress

Packaging Material Management

Manage the packaging materials and specifications of products to ensure the safety and integrity of products in the logistics process

Online Match Management

Manage the matching relationship of products to facilitate users to purchase combined products and increase sales

Purchasing Advice

The system automatically generates purchasing suggestions based on historical purchasing data, sales data and other information to help users better predict commodity demand

Shopping List

Provide procurement planning function, support users to formulate procurement plans according to factors such as procurement requirements and inventory

Purchase Order

Manage purchase orders and purchase records, making it easier for merchants to follow up on purchases and payments in a timely manner


It can help cross-border e-commerce companies manage and track supplier information, including supplier contact information, historical purchase records and supplier evaluation, etc.

Invoice Account Number

Manage the billing account number and invoice information, which is convenient for merchants to issue and manage invoices in a timely manner

Invoice Product Template

The invoice product template can help merchants quickly generate invoice information

Detailed statement of income and expenditure

Record various income and expenditure details, which is convenient for merchants to check accounts and formulate business plans

Daily income and expenditure

Provide daily income and expenditure detailed reports, users can understand the daily income and expenditure through this report, which is beneficial to better grasp the business status of the enterprise

Weekly income and expenditure

It can help cross-border e-commerce companies to quickly view the income and expenditure of the week at the end of each week, so as to better control costs and manage capital flow

monthly income and expenditure

It can help cross-border e-commerce companies to better grasp the operating conditions of the whole month, including information such as inventory at the beginning of the month, inventory at the end of the month, monthly income and expenditure, etc. Through the analysis of monthly income and expenditure, they can better formulate business strategies and budget plans. Improve operational efficiency and financial management

Sub-account Management

Provide sub-account management function, which is convenient for users to assign and manage the authority of different responsibilities, so as to ensure the security of enterprise data and the effectiveness of management

Role Management

Provide role management function, support users to define different roles according to different positions and responsibilities, and realize authority control and management of the system

Department Management

Provide department management function, support users to manage different departments according to the organizational structure of the enterprise, including personnel, authority, business, etc.

Exchange Rate Management

Provides exchange rate management function, supports users to set and manage exchange rates, and facilitates cross-border transactions for enterprises

Store Management

Provide store management functions, support users to manage different e-commerce platform stores, including product information, order management, logistics information, etc.

Log Management

Provide log management function to record the user's operation on the system, which is convenient for the user to monitor and manage the system usage

Package Price

Package price is favorable, purchase according to actual needs, industry conscience, quality assurance


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  • Applicable to enterprises with hundreds of stores

Independent Deployment

Suitable for large sellers or store group sellers

Unlimited stores, exclusive resources for private deployment

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Why You ChooseWxwERP

WxwERPAs a cross-border e-commerce ERP that understands marketing, it has iterated 3 versions in the 8 years since its establishment, winning the love of more than 100,000 sellers
Comprehensive E-commerce Functions

WxwERPERP focuses on the e-commerce industry and provides comprehensive e-commerce functions, including product management, order management, logistics management, financial management, customer service management, etc., and can help e-commerce companies complete the entire process from product listing to order delivery Management to improve the efficiency of e-commerce operations

Cross-border E-commerce Support

Support cross-border e-commerce business, including overseas warehouse management, cross-border logistics, customs declaration and tax declaration, etc., to meet the diverse needs of cross-border e-commerce

Multiple Platform Access

Docking major domestic and foreign platforms, supporting access to various e-commerce platforms, including AliExpress, Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Taobao, Tmall,, Pinduoduo, etc., and also supports one-stop management of multiple stores, which can effectively improve Efficiency in cross-platform operations

Strong System Scalability

It has good system scalability, supports plug-in development and third-party API access, and can be customized and expanded according to the actual needs of enterprises

High Data Security

With perfect data rights management and data backup mechanism, it can ensure the security and integrity of data

Professional After-sales Service

With a professional after-sales service team, we can provide high-quality services that respond quickly and solve problems quickly, and can provide customers with continuous technical support and service guarantee

Wxw helps you become a big cross-border seller

Determined to become a strong backing to improve the customer's management level, business performance and other comprehensive competitiveness

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